Is this a scam ……?

On craigslist there was an add for A Diet Product research trial. It said you would get paid 0 to try a diet pill. I figured it would be a scam, but I sent my email anyway to see what was up. I got an email from them that said this:

Your p***word to login and join is: ******

You’ve been selected to participate in the Anti-Aging Product trial being offered by Paid Cash Reviews , Paid Cash

I hope you feel special as we are limiting this free trial to the first 30 respondents only!

In order to qualify for the 0.00 reward for participating, you must also submit a 300 to 500 word written testimonial briefly describing your experience with the product – “good or bad”.

.00 is paid via a check that you will get with your supplies. The Final Payment of 5 is paid when you turn in your before and after pictures and review!

*That’s it! **Take the product, Tells us How It Works, get paid 5 – it’s as simple as that!*

To get started, go here: Join this Current Study "Click here" Or Copy And Paste this

I look forward to seeing your testimonial!

It seems fishy, but even on the website there’s no fine print or anything. It says that you have to pay .95 for shipping, but that they will not charge you again. Could I call my bank and tell them that I am using my credit card to buy this one thing, but that fi any other charges show up that they should count it as fraud? Would that work?

It says on the website that they send you two packages, one with the dietary supplement, and one with a check and the survey form. Then it says once you complete the survey form they will send you another 0 check.

The thing is I am desperate for money, and I know the likelihood of this being a scam is very great …. but isn’t there some chance it’s for real? What do you think I should do?

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  1. Yes it’s a scam. As a rule If you feel something is a scam, you’re probably right. People won’t give you free money. They just wont. This type of scam is usually a bait-and-switch. They get you involved by making it very easy and cheap for you to get in. Then they start asking for money and you feel that you’ve already invested yourself in this, so you go along, thinking of the big payback at the end. You won’t get the payback. So let’s look at this scam closer:

    #1: You reply to a diet product, they send you a message on anti-aging. Different product. First clue something is not right
    #2: "we are limiting this free trial to the first 30 respondents only": do you believe that? you received what is basically a spam email, sent to thousands if not millions of people. Millions of people who, like you, would love to receive free money. Do you really believe you made it as one of the 30 first? Not a chance in hell
    #3: "In order to qualify for the $510 reward for participating" Ok, so let’s get this straight. You will receive $510 right? But later they say $20.00 is paid when you receive your supplies, and then a final check of $435.00. $20 + $435=$455; that’s not $510. Another clue something is wrong. So is it $510 or $455? Can’t they even keep their lies straight?

    This is what will most likely happen: first you pay nothing, but you don’t have any pills to complete the "test". So they’ll ask you to buy the next set of pills, to complete the test (maybe $20). They’ll say don’t worry, there will be another $20 check in the box and anyway you’ll get paid $455 at the end, so we’ll just charge your credit card $20.00, or something. And then of course, when the box arrives, there is not $20 check, or it bounces. And of course, you’ll never get the $455. You’ll call, be put on hold, send from one person to the next, or end up on some answering machine, never getting your $20 back, and of course never getting your $455. After a while you’ll give up on the $20, because it’s not worth the trouble, and they’ll have made $20 on your back. They find enough ****ers to do that, they make a nice living.

  2. Try it out. whats the harm?
    But if they say you have to pay anything or give your account number? forget it

  3. scam.

    If you are having second thoughts, then you probably shouldnt go with it.

    Just go buy diet pills. Ones that have already been tested.
    You don’t want to end up with cancer or something….

  4. Stay away. It reeks of a scam. Don’t give them your name, address, phone number, social security number or date of birth. Because sooner or later they’ll try to get all of that out of you.

  5. It’s a scam. Do not under any cir***stances give them your credit card number. Delete their email and forget the whole thing.

  6. There is a good chance this is a scam. Otherwise why would they need craigslist to find people?

    Plus it sounds to good to be true. They are going to pay YOU $455 to help you lose weight.

  7. No, they want you to write a testimonial to make their site seem credible. The quickest way to make money is to get a job. Finish your service hours or whatever you have to do first and find one. The fact is if it got to your junk mail it is just that: Spam.

    How do I know? Because spam/junk mail is actually reported by other users before it is categorized under junk mail. It does not simply get sent as junk because it is about a cash offer. How do you think some of that reaches your mailbox?

    Furthermore, how would they get your email out of the lucky "30 correspondents?" That kind of thing doesn’t happen.

  8. It most likely is. I see tons of thos on craigslist here in CO and I say if they are asking for serseriousfo like ssn or a credit card then it has to be a scam. If its to good to be true then it usually is.

  9. 99.999% chance of spam. have a friend email the site… if she is also somehow one of the first 30 you have your answer very quickly.

  10. I think you are on the right track in thinking that credit card fraud springing from that "shipping charge" is how they make their money.

  11. This is most likely a scam. If you have to pay for shipping, then it is NOT free, is it? It has all the earmarks of getting your money AND personal information, then instead of doing as was described, telling you that you will have to pay this fee or that charge before you will get your "payment," supplies or anything else, for that matter. Are you desperate enough for any money any way to risk losing some? As I doubt that, then you NEED to walk away, and go look for a part time job.

  12. Buy a prepaid Visa Gift Card for $25 and use that to pay the one time $1.95.
    Make sure to use up at least $20 before you use the remaining $5 to pay them their $1.95.
    Chances are extremely high that they will try to take more than $1.95 or are billing you within 30 days again with a larger amount.. For this reason you use a prepaid gift card. They can’t charge that again.

    Do not use your real credit card. Chances are this is a scam. Anytime you are required to give them a credit card number…. the chance of being scammed is 99.9%

  13. Honestly, you are right to be wary about this because the whole thing is nothing but an outright scam. Don’t fall for this nonsense at all costs. You can risk putting your health in grave jeopardy like that.

  14. It is definitely a scam, and a poor one at that, they didn’t even try to make all of the number add together…a legit company would know better than that.

  15. No it isnt, i did a Skin study for them and my Check arrived like they said it would last monday!

  16. I joined a website some months back to get help with a project I was working on. I am currently working on a project that deals with Muslim women and needed some type of resource for information. Yes, I could search the internet but wanted to talk with a few personally myself and get some information. No, this has not been successful like I thought it would. Anyway, I contacted a young woman and asked her if she would like to talk and she agreed. This website, for whatever reason, is very difficult in using. By this, I mean, when you are writing to the person, the email feature is very slow and lags behind for reasons I don’t understand. I thought maybe it was my computer but no, I cleaned it out and it still does the same thing; and only on this website. Using email is much easier in contact each other so when she asked me for it, it was not a red flag as some have put it. Much easier and convenient I believe. She lives in the United States, Michigan, and is originally from Dubai. Her parents were killed in a car accident so she moved in with her uncle in Michigan. I didn’t think anything of this at first but then I got to reading and maybe. I’m not sure because bad things happen and maybe this is in fact just bad cir***stances. We talked and she speaks a lot better than many Americans but you can tell she is of some type of Arabic descent. We didn’t get to the point where we asked for phone numbers or mailing addresses, that never came up. We did talk about meeting but no date was set. She informed me that her business of art and sculptures and gold that she got from her parents does allow her to travel which is what she was doing at this moment in time. She was in London buying some items for her business. No red flag there until she told me customs had seized some of her items and needed to pay $630 so they would not. When she returned to the states, she would refund the money. Now, that was a major red flag. I did not send her the money, no no, fearing it was a scam. I do not know how these things work; if these scams normally start out with something small or if they in fact go larger. $630 is a lot of money but I have received other scam emails and they were asking for so much more or telling me about 9 million being transferred, some ridiculously large amount. I’ve done the research, the name of this young woman (Aliyah H***an) and have tried to find out anything I can on her and there is no type of information available like there would be for a normal scam artist. I did some searches on other scam artists, those I know who were for sure, and came back with lots of information. I’m puzzled right now. One part of me says she is a scam but other part says, maybe it’s just bad timing. I read about seizing of property and it does happen and it does happen in the UK. I know about ******* scams and Russian women scams but she seems legit. I even took the pictures she sent me to, a very convenient resource, and no results came back. I entered her username into a search results and came back with just the profile she has on this website. She’s very attractive but not a supermodel, someone who is overly beautiful or drop dead gorgeous. I’ve been reading and reading and just don’t know. Like I said, some of this seems too good to be true, that it is a scam, but then if it is then it’s either a new one or a new identity. I don’t know if it’s important but I contacted her first because I’m trying to find some information out then this happened. Don’t know if this woman is real or if she is apart of a scam. Any advice? Any ideas? The last email I got from her was the last time she signed into her profile so that could say she really is busy and is being truthful. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt but it’s hard because of all the different scammers out. If this is a scam then it’s unlike the others I’ve been contacted about. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you guys and God Bless.

  17. Well today i got a call from a guy that said he works for microsoft and my computer had viruses and if he dosnt work on it my computer will crash so i let him talk me thru wit workin on my computer then he took me to this website saying that he just wanted to show me that this is the company it looked descent but idk and it was a picture and he said that that was him on the picture i thought that was odd but i didnt think much of it then my phone cut off and i tried calling back i couldnt cause it was unknown then after that like 10 min later idk how he did it but he started writing on my computer talkin to me about the viruses and all that stuff then he wrote me on the notepad on my computer askin can u send a pic i asked why would i send a pic and were talkin about this virus and getting it off my computer so then he called back on the phone and he was like moving my mouse around clickin on stuff from his computer idk how he did it then i seen him click on my photos he started lookin throught them i wasnt touching the mouse or nothing he was doin it all from his computer he clicked on a picture and said in the phone u are very pretty and all this stuff and i was so confused as to why is he doing this and my computer could have a virus on it and crash and he started typing talking about diffrent prices for certain yrs for them to protect my computer he asked for my credit card and did i have one i do but i told him no cus it jus didnt seem right he then said it was going to call back tommarrow morning idk but wat do u think could be going on and how is he going through my computer from his computer

  18. his name is (Anderson Brain, Human Resource ) he send me a copy of contract terms of agreement and I will be responsible for the registration fee of work permit with the British immigration,

  19. I am interested in buying this Mobile App making kit being that was brought to my attention.

    The website is

    Everything seems good and fine, but handing over $100 isn’t something that can be done easily with me without looking into their credentials. So does anyone know if it is legit or a scam? If this app making instructor/kit is legit this is an awesome buy…but if it’s a scam I’d be at a terrible lost. If anyone knows anything about this or can help in any way please share your information. Please no trolling…

  20. I entered in a contest to win summer bash tickets and just received an email telling me I won four tickets. However, nothing like this ever happens to me and I am suspicious. I’ll paste the email and could someone tell me if they’ve gotten this, or if they have any word on if this is a scam or legitimate? Thanks!!!

    Here is the email:

    Dear B96 Valued Listener,

    You recently entered a contest on and your name was chosen as a winner. Congratulations on winning FOUR TICKETS to the B96 Pepsi Summer Bash…this Saturday at Toyota Park in Bridgeview. Featuring live performances by Flo Rida, Big Time Rush, The Wanted, Mike Posner, Karmin, Dev, Sean Paul, Gym Cl*** Heroes, Havana Brown, Austin Mahone, Kat Graham, Bad Boy Bill, DJ Flipside and Special Celebrity Guest Host Perez Hilton.

    Your four B96 Pepsi SummerBash Tickets will be available for you to pickup anytime after 11am this Saturday, June 16th at the Toyota Park Box Office Will Call Window. They will be under your name only. Transfer of tickets is not permitted. If you can not attend the show your tickets will be forfeited.


    ***Tickets are pulled Randomly and you will find out where you will be sitting when you claim your tickets at the Box Office***

    Gates to the Festival Area open at 12PM. The Main Stage Doors open at 4pm and DEV goes on at 5pm. Complete show details and a current line up can be found at

    If you need to purchase additional tickets, they are available at

    If you have any questions about your prize feel free to contact me at

    We appreciate you listening to B96 and can’t wait to see you on Saturday.

  21. They say my # code is 8883 and there is no site as this site they send me to which is http://cell and enter nothing happens. Is this a scam or not?

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